Youth hostel, backpacker hostel, cheap hostels in Bangladesh

A youth hostel, also known as a backpacker hostel or cheap hostel, is a budget-friendly accommodation option that caters specifically to young travelers or backpackers. These establishments offer affordable dormitory-style rooms, communal spaces, and shared facilities. In Bangladesh, where tourism is rapidly growing, youth hostels have gained significant popularity among budget-conscious travelers.

With a rich history of hospitality and cultural heritage, Bangladesh has witnessed a surge in international and domestic tourism in recent years. Youth hostels have played a crucial role in accommodating the growing number of travelers seeking affordable accommodations. These hostels not only provide a comfortable place to stay but also offer a unique opportunity for travelers to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

According to recent statistics, the demand for budget accommodations has increased exponentially, especially among young backpackers visiting Bangladesh. Many travelers, particularly those with limited budgets, find youth hostels to be an ideal solution to their lodging needs. These establishments offer the perfect blend of affordability, convenience, and social experiences, making them a popular choice among travelers seeking adventure and cultural immersion.

One of the significant advantages of staying at a youth hostel in Bangladesh is the cost-effectiveness it offers. Compared to traditional hotels, youth hostels provide considerably cheaper rates, allowing budget travelers to save money and allocate their resources towards exploring the diverse attractions and experiencing the local culture. This affordability factor has made youth hostels a sought-after choice for backpackers and young explorers looking to make the most of their travel budget.

Furthermore, youth hostels in Bangladesh often go beyond the traditional concept of accommodations. Many of these establishments organize various activities, such as city tours, cultural performances, and interactive workshops, to enhance the overall experience of their guests. These engaging elements not only provide travelers with valuable insights into the local culture but also create opportunities for socializing and forming lifelong friendships.

In conclusion, youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap accommodations in Bangladesh have become an essential part of the country’s hospitality industry. These budget-friendly options cater specifically to young travelers, offering them affordable lodging, communal spaces, and engaging experiences. With the rise in tourism and growing demand for cost-effective accommodations, youth hostels have become a popular choice for travelers seeking a balance between affordability and meaningful connections.

Looking for affordable hostel options in Bangladesh? Explore youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap accommodation!

Are you planning a budget-friendly trip to Bangladesh and searching for economical accommodation options? Look no further! Bangladesh offers a range of affordable hostels to cater to the needs of different travelers. Among these options are youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap accommodation alternatives, each with its own unique features and advantages. Let’s delve deeper into these options and discover the best fit for your travel plans in Bangladesh.

Youth Hostels in Bangladesh

If you are a young traveler on a budget and looking for affordable accommodation options in Bangladesh, youth hostels are a great choice. Youth hostels provide budget-friendly lodging for backpackers, solo travelers, and groups. These hostels offer comfortable and safe accommodation at a fraction of the cost of a hotel.

What are Youth Hostels?

Youth hostels, also known as backpacker hostels, are establishments that provide low-cost accommodation for travelers, especially those on a tight budget. They typically offer dormitory-style rooms with shared facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas. Some youth hostels may also have private rooms available.

Youth hostels are designed to foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for travelers to socialize and connect with other like-minded individuals. They often organize activities and events to encourage interaction among guests.

Cheap Hostels in Bangladesh

Bangladesh offers a range of cheap hostels that cater to the needs of budget-conscious travelers. These hostels provide a comfortable stay with basic amenities and affordable prices.

One popular youth hostel in Bangladesh is the Dhaka Backpackers’ Hostel, located in the heart of the capital city. It offers both dormitory-style rooms and private rooms, and guests have access to shared facilities such as bathrooms, a communal kitchen, and a common lounge area. The hostel also organizes city tours and cultural events for guests to explore and experience the local culture.

Another cheap hostel in Bangladesh is the Cox’s Bazar Backpackers Hostel, situated near the world’s longest natural beach. It offers dormitory-style accommodation with stunning ocean views and easy access to the beach. The hostel provides facilities such as free Wi-Fi, a communal kitchen, and a rooftop terrace for guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Benefits of Choosing Youth Hostels

There are several benefits to choosing youth hostels for your stay in Bangladesh:

  • Affordable Prices: Youth hostels offer significantly lower rates compared to traditional hotels, making them an excellent option for budget travelers.
  • Social Atmosphere: Staying in a youth hostel allows you to meet fellow travelers from around the world, fostering a sense of community and creating opportunities for new friendships.
  • Shared Facilities: Hostels provide shared amenities, such as kitchens, which allow guests to save money on dining expenses by preparing their own meals.
  • Local Insights: Hostel staff are often knowledgeable about the local area and can provide recommendations for attractions, activities, and hidden gems that you might otherwise miss.

With numerous youth hostels to choose from in Bangladesh, you can find affordable accommodation that suits your needs and preferences. So, whether you are exploring the bustling streets of Dhaka or relaxing on the beaches of Cox’s Bazar, a youth hostel is a cost-effective and sociable choice for your stay.

(Statistic: According to a survey conducted in 2020, the average cost per night in a youth hostel in Bangladesh is around 10-15 USD, significantly lower than the average cost of a hotel room.)

FAQs for Youth Hostel, Backpacker Hostel, Cheap Hostels in Bangladesh

1. What is a youth hostel?

A youth hostel is an affordable accommodation option that caters to young travelers, usually offering dormitory-style rooms and shared facilities. It promotes social interaction and provides a budget-friendly place to stay for travelers.

2. What is a backpacker hostel?

A backpacker hostel is similar to a youth hostel, providing low-cost accommodations primarily for backpackers and budget travelers. It is characterized by dormitory-style rooms, communal areas, and a friendly atmosphere.

3. Are there cheap hostels available in Bangladesh?

Yes, Bangladesh offers a range of cheap hostels that are popular among budget travelers. These hostels provide affordable accommodation options without compromising on safety and comfort.

4. What facilities can I expect in a youth hostel or backpacker hostel?

Youth hostels and backpacker hostels typically offer facilities such as dormitory-style rooms (often with bunk beds), communal bathrooms, lounges, kitchen facilities, Wi-Fi access, and sometimes additional amenities like laundry services or lockers.

5. Are youth hostels only for young travelers?

No, despite the name, youth hostels welcome travelers of all ages. While they focus on providing affordable accommodation for young people, people from all age groups can choose to stay in youth hostels.

6. Are hostels safe in Bangladesh?

Hostels in Bangladesh, like hostels in other countries, prioritize the safety of their guests. They typically have security measures in place, such as lockers for personal belongings, CCTV surveillance, and staff available to assist with any concerns.

7. Can I book a private room in a youth hostel or backpacker hostel?

Yes, many youth hostels and backpacker hostels offer private rooms in addition to shared dormitories. Private rooms provide more privacy but may come at a higher cost compared to the dormitory option.

8. How can I find cheap hostels in Bangladesh?

You can find cheap hostels in Bangladesh by searching online platforms dedicated to hostel bookings, such as Hostelworld or These platforms offer extensive options, allowing you to compare prices, read reviews, and make reservations.

9. Can I prepare my own meals in a hostel?

In many hostels, you can use the communal kitchen facilities to prepare your own meals. This is especially convenient for budget travelers who wish to save money by cooking their own food.

10. Are hostels a good option for solo travelers?

Hostels are an excellent choice for solo travelers as they offer a social environment where you can meet other like-minded travelers. It provides opportunities to make new friends, share experiences, and potentially find travel companions.


In conclusion, Bangladesh offers a range of options for budget-conscious travelers looking for affordable accommodation. Youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap hostels are readily available throughout the country, providing a comfortable and cost-effective stay for tourists. These hostels not only offer affordable prices but also provide a unique opportunity for travelers to connect with fellow backpackers from around the world.

One key insight from this article is that youth hostels in Bangladesh often cater to the needs and preferences of young travelers. With communal areas, shared kitchens, and dormitory-style rooms, these hostels create a vibrant and social atmosphere that fosters interactions among guests. Moreover, backpacker hostels, with their laid-back and friendly ambiance, offer a similar experience for travelers on a shoestring budget.

Another important point to highlight is the affordability of these hostels. With prices significantly lower than traditional hotels, budget travelers can save a considerable amount of money on accommodation costs. This extra savings can be used to explore the diverse attractions and cultural experiences that Bangladesh has to offer.

Overall, with the availability of youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap hostels in Bangladesh, travelers can experience the country’s rich culture and natural beauty without breaking the bank. These options provide affordability, social connections, and a unique travel experience for those seeking to explore Bangladesh on a budget.