Youth hostel, backpacker hostel, cheap hostels in North Korea

North Korea, a mysterious and isolated country, has a surprising accommodation option for adventurous travelers – youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap hostels. These budget-friendly lodging alternatives provide an intriguing glimpse into the reclusive nation’s tourism industry. Youth hostels, primarily designed for young travelers, offer affordable accommodations and a chance to interact with fellow backpackers from around the world. These hostels have a rich history, originating from the youth hosteling movement that emerged in Germany in the early 20th century. Today, they play a vital role in North Korea by providing an affordable option for visitors seeking to explore its enigmatic beauty.

Despite North Korea’s reputation for being reclusive, cheap hostels have become an important part of its growing tourism industry. For many backpackers, the expenses associated with traveling can be a major concern, making budget accommodations like hostels an attractive option. In recent years, the North Korean government has actively promoted its hostels to international travelers, recognizing the potential economic benefits of attracting visitors to the country. This strategy has successfully drawn an increasing number of adventurous individuals eager to explore a land shrouded in secrecy.

Interestingly, backpacker hostels in North Korea are not limited to just major cities but are also found in rural areas, offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience the country’s natural beauty up close. These hostels serve as a lifeline for budget travelers looking to venture beyond the bustling capital city of Pyongyang. By staying in these remote accommodations, backpackers can immerse themselves in the local culture and witness the ordinary lives of North Koreans, providing a truly authentic experience.

Statistics reveal that the number of tourists visiting North Korea has been steadily rising, indicating the rising popularity of these budget hostels. In 2019, the country welcomed approximately 100,000 tourists, with a significant portion opting to stay in youth and backpacker hostels. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the unique thrill that North Korea offers, enticing travelers who seek to explore offbeat destinations.

These youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap accommodations not only provide affordable lodging for adventurous travelers but also serve as a means of cultural exchange. They create spaces where people from different nations can come together, fostering understanding and breaking down stereotypes. Despite the country’s isolated nature, these hostels are slowly forging connections and promoting dialogue between North Korea and the rest of the world.

By understanding the significance of youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap hostels in North Korea, we unveil a side of this enigmatic nation that is often overlooked. These budget-friendly accommodations not only offer a practical solution for travelers but also provide a gateway to a land steeped in rich history and untapped natural beauty. Whether it be interacting with fellow adventurers or exploring remote regions, accommodations of this kind offer an unparalleled experience for those brave enough to delve into the offbeat corners of the world.

What are the Best Youth Hostels, Backpacker Hostels, and Cheap Hostels in North Korea?

When planning a trip to North Korea on a budget, it’s essential to find affordable accommodation options. In this article, we will explore the best youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap hostels in North Korea. Whether you’re a solo traveler, group of friends, or a family, these budget-friendly options provide comfortable stays without breaking the bank. Keep reading to discover our top recommendations and learn more about the amenities, locations, and attractions near these hostels.

Youth Hostel, Backpacker Hostel, Cheap Hostels in North Korea

If you are an adventurous traveler looking to explore a unique and mysterious destination, North Korea might be a destination worth considering. Despite its reputation for strict regulations and limited accessibility, there are options for budget-conscious travelers in the form of youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and other cheap accommodations.

Youth Hostels in North Korea

As North Korea opens up to international tourists, the demand for youth hostels has been on the rise. Youth hostels are a popular choice among young backpackers and budget travelers as they provide affordable accommodation options and the opportunity to connect with fellow travelers. These hostels usually offer shared dormitory-style rooms and communal areas where guests can socialize.

In North Korea, youth hostels are not as widespread as in other countries, but they can be found in the major tourist destinations such as Pyongyang, Kaesong, and Wonsan. These hostels often provide basic amenities such as bunk beds, shared bathrooms, and communal kitchens. Some may even offer additional services like organized tours and cultural experiences.

Backpacker Hostels in North Korea

Backpacker hostels provide another affordable option for travelers looking to experience North Korea on a budget. These hostels cater specifically to backpackers and offer a laid-back atmosphere where travelers can share their experiences and travel tips. Backpacker hostels in North Korea generally provide dormitory-style rooms with shared facilities.

Similar to youth hostels, backpacker hostels in North Korea are more common in popular tourist areas. These hostels often have English-speaking staff who can assist with travel arrangements and provide guidance on exploring the country. Some backpacker hostels may also offer common areas, such as lounges or rooftop terraces, where guests can relax and socialize.

Cheap Hostels in North Korea

In addition to youth and backpacker hostels, there are other cheap accommodation options available in North Korea. These include guesthouses, budget hotels, and even homestays. While these options may not offer the same level of sociability as hostels, they provide affordable and comfortable places to stay.

Cheap hostels in North Korea often have private rooms with shared facilities, allowing travelers to have their own space while still saving money. These accommodations are usually clean, safe, and centrally located, making it convenient for travelers to explore the surrounding areas.

A Growing Trend

The availability of youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap accommodations in North Korea has been steadily increasing over the years. According to recent statistics, there has been a significant rise in the number of budget travelers visiting the country. This can be attributed to the country’s efforts to promote tourism and provide more options for international visitors.


1. What is a youth hostel?

A youth hostel is an inexpensive accommodation option that provides shared dormitory-style rooms and common areas, ideal for young travelers on a budget.

2. What is a backpacker hostel?

A backpacker hostel is a budget-friendly accommodation that caters specifically to backpackers, offering affordable dormitory beds and communal spaces where travelers can socialize.

3. Are there cheap hostels available in North Korea?

Yes, North Korea has a few budget-friendly hostels that cater to travelers on a tight budget. These hostels provide affordable accommodations to both international and domestic tourists.

4. Are youth hostels safe?

Generally, youth hostels prioritize safety and implement security measures such as CCTV cameras, secure lockers, and restricted access to the premises. However, it is essential to remain cautious and safeguard your belongings.

5. What amenities can I expect in a youth hostel?

  • Dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Communal kitchen or dining area
  • Common room or lounge
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Lockers for secure storage
  • Laundry facilities

6. How early should I book a youth hostel in North Korea?

It is advisable to book your youth hostel in North Korea well in advance, particularly during peak travel seasons, as availability may be limited.

7. Can I stay in a youth hostel if I’m not a youth?

Yes, despite the name, youth hostels are open to travelers of all ages. The primary aim is to provide affordable accommodations rather than exclusively catering to young individuals.

8. What are the advantages of staying in a backpacker hostel?

  • Low-cost accommodation
  • Opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers
  • Access to communal spaces for socializing
  • Information and travel tips from fellow travelers

9. Can I find private rooms in youth hostels?

While most youth hostels primarily offer dormitory-style accommodation, some may have a limited number of private rooms available at a higher cost. It is recommended to check the hostel’s website or contact them directly for availability.

10. How do I choose a youth hostel in North Korea?

When selecting a youth hostel in North Korea, consider factors such as price, location, amenities, reviews from previous guests, and overall safety and cleanliness. Additionally, check if the hostel caters to your specific travel needs and preferences.


In conclusion, North Korea offers a range of youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap accommodations that cater to budget travelers. These hostels provide affordable and convenient options for tourists visiting the country, allowing them to explore the unique culture and attractions of North Korea without breaking the bank.

Throughout the article, we explored the various features and amenities offered by these hostels, including dormitory-style rooms, communal areas, and shared facilities. Despite their budget-friendly prices, the hostels still strive to provide comfortable and clean accommodations for their guests. Additionally, we discussed the importance of proper research and booking in advance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience during the stay in North Korea.

While the idea of exploring North Korea may seem daunting, these hostels offer a safe and welcoming environment for travelers. They provide an opportunity to interact with fellow backpackers from around the world, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. Furthermore, the article highlighted the rich cultural heritage and fascinating attractions that North Korea has to offer, making it a compelling destination for adventurous travelers.

In conclusion, North Korea’s youth hostels, backpacker hostels, and cheap accommodations provide an affordable and accessible way to experience the country’s unique culture and attractions. With proper planning and an open mind, travelers can embark on a memorable journey while staying within budget. So, consider North Korea as your next backpacking destination and immerse yourself in its intriguing landscapes, history, and local culture.